Research is at the core of Empatia.

Empatia consortium leverages more than 20 years of research and practice on face-to-face and digital participation. Our core development team is supported by an international board that involves, among many others, representatives of Participedia, the largest global community of scholars of participation, and IODP, the largest network of cities implementing participatory processes.

trigger survey

Most of our research over the years has shown that short recurrent surveys are superiors data gathering mechanism with respect long questionnaires. For such reason we have developed trigger survey, a tool that allows to embed a mini-survey to any action performed by a user inside the Empatia platform.


At times researchers or cities need a quick and easy to deploy feedback questionnaire this tool allows to build simple questionnaires, such as feedback survey after a vote.


The calendar tool is a simple tool that allows to schedule meetings


Lime survey is one of the most comprehensive open source survey platform for academic research