Empatia is currently conducting pilots in four countries, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic.


Each participatory system was designed in collaboration with local stakeholders and city managers.


In the first wave of pilots (Condeixa) we are testing the voting module, and the ideation module (Říčany), in the next round of pilots (Wuppertal, Lisbon) we are integrating multiple modules, more specifically participatory budgeting, ideation, public consultation, and hackathons.


Some pilots have already started (Říčany), some are starting (Lisbon & Wuppertal), some are still in the planning phase (Milan).
For example in Condeixa Portugal we tested in October 2016 the voting module that includes both in person voting machines (Kiosks) and remote voting via phone and web.


Similarly in another early pilot in Ricany (czech Republic) in November 2016 we tested our ideation platform. Both these pilots have a pre-existing participatory system and we integrated our empatia module in that.


In other pilots we are testing integrated solutions. For example Lisbon is launching an integrated portal of participation that will employ our integration system to combine a pre-existing participatory budgeting process, issue reporting software, an open data portal and a newly developed ideation mechanism. Thanks to the Empatia integration approach the participatory budgeting and the ideation process will be interlinked, small ideas will be directed to the ideation channel, big ideas will be directed to the participatory budgeting channel. This is a unique feature that will reduce the workload of city staff and increase the engagement of participants. Many people in the past were submitting small ideas in the participatory budgeting channel with no hope of winning and cluttering the review process.


Our two other pilots are still completing the design phase.


In Wuppertal, Germany the current plan is to integrate a participatory budgeting that will have a dedicated budget, something new for Germany, and a more traditional consultation over the budget and a Hackaton that will develop solutions that will be then subsequently be integrated in Empatia to visualize the public budget.


In Milan, Italy, discussion is ongoing. The current plan is to integrate a PB process that includes both face to face and online channels with an advanced monitoring suite that will integrate with the information system of the city and will allow for participatory monitoring.


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