What is EMPATIA ?

Empatia is the first hands-on digital platform for creating and managing a coherent participatory system that integrates multiple channel of engagement in one simple solution.

This integration simplifies the management of existing processes and allows innovative solutions that were not imaginable before.

How we do it ?

Empatia mission is to promote inclusion, higher quality deliberation, better voting mechanisms, transparency and accountability. A key element of our mission is to balance transparency and user data protection. Empatia promotes open data and advanced solutions for data consent form. Empatia is particularly interested in offering solutions for those that have limited alternatives and funds. Empatia is a free and open source software for shaping the democracy of the XXI century.


We offer a do-it-yourself platform to imagine, build, and manage multiple channels of participation. Empatia does not require technical skills. It comes with pre-loaded templates, and the freedom to create entirely new processes.


Empatia was designed to reduce the workload of city staff managing participatory processes. It directly integrates a variety of city information systems and it offers a number of solutions to manage participation more efficiently.


Empatia can be tailored to any situation, from small villages to big capital cities. Its unique level of customization offers an agile integration mechanism. Empatia adapts to local necessities and opens a new array of possibilities.


EMPATIA is designed to integrate third party software. Some of the already integrated platforms are CKAN, Crowdrise, Limesurvey, Drupal, Wordpress and many others.

open & safe

Empatia is designed to make Open Data accessible and protect the privacy of citizens. Empatia includes a triple approach to informed consent that includes: explanatory videos; summarized terms of service; full licenses and right to be forgotten.

try our game

Empatia has a unique testing platform: EMPAVILLE. EMPAVILLE is a role playing game that allows to experiment, plan, and adapt different participatory systems.

Who we are ?

Empatia consortium leverages more than 20 years of research and practice on face-to-face and digital participation. Our core development team is supported by an international board that involves, among many others, representatives of Participedia, the largest global community of scholars of participation, and IODP, the largest network of cities implementing participatory processes. Our solutions are developed via a unique participatory process that involves administrators, academics, citizens of all ages and experienced practitioners.