Spreading Participatory Budgeting in Milan's metropolitan area

Cormano is a little town of 20.000 inhabitants, 9 km North of Milan. The local municipality recently started its first Participatory Budgeting, called “Bilancio in Comune”. with a 100.000 euro budget. The innovative character of Cormano's process is the possibility for the citizens to make every kind of proposals with no previous filter of feasibility: all the ideas collecting enough support will pass the co-design stage. The feasibile projects then will go to the voting stage, while the non feasible will be discussed by the Municipality together with the proposing community, in order to find alternative solutions and make them feasible in the future.

EMPATIA platform supports the Cormano's PB process in full, starting from the idea gathering, towards the proposal submission and the voting. See how: www.cormanopartecipa.it